Top 10 Most Romantic Dance in the World

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most romantic dance

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Dance floors have always been associated with budding and flourishing romance between the dancing couple. The common love for dance always creates an excitement between duos, as it offers a sure sort avenue to take their romance to the next level. Sometimes it’s just a basic dancing step between two people that kindles relationship of a life time.

Here are the top 10 most romantic dance in the world, which serves as an expression of true love.

1. Rumba

rumba dancing couple

Rumba is a Latin dance style performed on soft flowing music. It is one of the most preferred wedding dance styles, especially by the dance enthusiast who want to replace the standard “swaying-side-to-side” movements with sparkling and romantic experience for their wedding dance. It features highly elegant and sophisticated movements. The slow and relax mode of the song adds the romantic element to the Dance moves. The simple to learn steps of Rumba makes it the best version of Latin dance for beginners.

2. Waltz


Holding on to your soul mate, while melodious Violin playing at the background, a Waltz evening can make one of the most romantic experience for a couple.And that is why it is also one of the popular dances at the wedding. 

The stately and elegant dance style reflects the strong bonding between the couple. It also makes a wonderful watch for the spectators, as the dancers exhibit very smooth and rhythmic flowing movements. The continuous turns, and the slightly rising and falling actions of the dance, makes the couple look like almost floating on the waves or gliding around the dance floor.

If you are one of those who love fairy tale romance, then definitely Waltz should be your pick for that classic romantic experience.

3. Tango/Argentine Tango

Tango Dance, Argentina - Uruguay

Dance is an art of expression through articulate moments, and the Tango is one dance form which is truly a synonym to love and romance. The intensity and impeccable co-ordination of the dancers make them look like a seamless extension to one another. The slow and sharp movements by the dancers give a sensual spark to the dance. Among different styles of Tango Argentine tango is the most romantic one, which is danced in close proximity with the partner, hence creating a passionate display.

4. Bolero

bolero dancing couple

The “Dance of Love”, as it is called, Bolero has the romantic essence of the three dance forms Rumba, Waltz and Tango. It is contemporary to Rumba, but is a slower version, and exhibits some rising and falling movements like that of Waltz. These two features make a Balero dance look like a wonderful musical tryst of the dancing couple. Last but not the least Bolero, like the Tango, also requires the dancers to dance close together. The dance is choreographed in a way that the dancing couple look as if they are literally falling in love when they perform a Bolero, thus making it the most romantic dance of all. The slow and sensual aspect of Bolero also makes it a great choice for wedding dance.


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5. Foxtrot


Foxtrot is a perfect choice for people who want to steal some romantic tete-a-tete moments while moving on the dance floor. Danced on the great music by Dinah Washington, Frank Sinatra, or Rosemary Clooney, Foxtrot has a distinct class and elegance. Although the slow movements of the dance, does not make it to the liking of many youngsters, it is still the dance of grandeur for a niche segment of people. In the foxtrot, dancers exhibit long, smooth, flowing movements across the floor to the playing music or band. Easy to learn, the dance style makes the best choice for couples who are novice to dancing and looking to  but or to themselves. 

6. Salsa

Salsa Dance, Cuba

Salsa is arguably the most sensual dance for couples and it’s also one of the most popular styles. It’s quite easy to find salsa lessons up and down the country and there are also plenty of private tutors offering salsa tutorials.

There are plenty of songs to dance along to. You’re almost guaranteed to find at least one you like. During a typical salsa lesson, you’ll be expected to change partner from time to time.

You won’t get to dance with your soul mate the whole time. On the other hand, you do get to go home with them after the class.

7. Merengue


The Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic. The light and bubbly character of the dance, while holding close to the partner, makes it a very popular social dance among the dating couples. This easy and fun dance style is suitable to spark up romance even in a small and crowded dance floors. The intimacy and close proximity of partners makes Merengue a sensual dance that exhibits passion when performed correctly

8. Ballroom Samba

ballroom damba
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Ballroom Samba Dance is a favoured interactive dance style that displays a stirring romantic act between avid dance couples.  This unique dance style holds its origin to the old Brazilian “rocking Samba”. It exhibits fast steps, a rocking motion and swift and sharp swaying of the dancing couple. The dance is performed at specific rhythm with fun and flirtatious dance moves. However, due to its fast speed, the dance is limited to experienced ball room dancers.

9. Swing Dance

swing dancing couples
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Swing dance is all about partnership and romance topped with fun and vigour. The dance exhibits an impeccable co-ordination between the couple, and their elated face tells the fondness story growing between the two. The couples swing, spin, and jump together in syncopated time to the beat of the band, typically repeating a fixed number of choreographed steps in a specific sequence.

10. Bachata 

Bachata Dance, Dominican Republic

A Bachata evening is a perfect romantic occasion spent holding close to your partner. Bachata style of dancing originated in the Dominican Republic. It is the most common form of couple dance performed all over the world but with variance as per the music. Bachata has always been about romance. Originally, the dance was considered as a sort of “mating call” and was believed that if you were selected for a dance of Bachata, you were chosen as a mate. Therefore the dance has always been an expression of true love between the dancing duos. 

usa dance competition performance
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