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Azonto (when literally translated means wayward girls) is a dance form belonging to West Africa. Considered to be “communicative” this dance style is said to have originated from Ghana. It is said to have been created from a traditional “Ghanian” dance style known as “Kpanlogo”.  In addition, the basic moves of this dance revolves around imitating daily chores such as ironing, driving, washing, swimming, boxing etc. Furthermore, similar to most other African dances the Azonto also involves a few complex and acrobatic body movements.

a. History/origin of Azonto:

Apparently this dance style was developed in Ghana via imitation of moves involved in daily chores such as ironing clothes, washing, boxing, swimming etc. Furthermore, over the years due to large presence of Ghanian diaspora all over the world as well as the due to the emergence of social media sites such as Youtube, this style has now become popular internationally as well.

b. Costumes used in the Azonto:

There is no set costumes used in this dance style, and so it could be performed using formal/causal shirt/T-shirt and trousers.

c. Music involved in the Azonto:

The genre of music involved in this dance is referred to as “Afrobeat”. The musical instruments involved in this genre include the bass guitar, conga, drums, keyboards, percussion, saxophone, and shekere.

d. Training availability and technique involved in the Azonto:

In terms of technique, this dance requires the performer to imitate through the use of hands daily mundane activities such as ironing of clothes, washing, boxing, swimming etc. In addition, to hand movements this dance like several others originating from the African continent also include knee bending and hip movements. As for training centres/schools, there are a number of them available around the world as of today, since this “communicative” dance has slowly but surely gained popularity around the globe.

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