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Also known as the “Tiger Dance” is an Indian dance form referred to as “Baag Naach”. This “dance involving the use of a Tiger costume” has originated from the eastern state of Odisha in the Subarnapur and Ganjam districts. Apparently, this dance is performed during the Hindu month of “Chaitra”. In addition, this dance form is renowned for its costume which includes a male dancer (mainly) painting his body with yellow and black stripes similar to a tiger. This style of dancing is also performed during various festivals in the state.

a. History/origin of the Baagh Naach:

There is no real history behind the creation of this dance form belonging to the state of Odisha. The only known fact about this style of dancing is that it is performed during the Hindu month of Chaitra, as well as during various festivals celebrated in the state.

b. Costumes used in the Baagh Naach:

This dance mainly involves a group of male dancers. The costume used includes the dancer painting his entire body with “yellow and black stripes” to resemble a tiger. In addition, to the painted body, a tail is attached at the back of the dancer which completes the attire worn for this dance form.

c. Music used in the Baagh Naach:

The musical instruments used to produce music for this dance form essentially includes a drum and a bell.

d. Training availability and dance technique involved in Baagh Naach:

 In terms of the technique, this dance form involves acrobatic body movements in perfect synch to the accompanying music. In addition, this dance style also involves the dancers moving from house to another so as to gather an audience for the actual performance. As for training centres/schools there are none available neither in the state nor throughout the country, simply due to the fact that this dance form is not very popular, since it is only performed in a few districts in the state of Odisha.

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