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bachata dance by couple

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Heavily influenced by the “Cuban Bolero” is a dance form known as Bachata.

This “Latin American” dance style has originated from the Dominican Republic.

This dance form involves a pair (i.e. a leader and follower) and can be performed either in an open, semi-closed, and closed position.

Furthermore, this dance comprises of four styles and they include the western traditional, Bachatango, modern/moderna, and Bachata sensual. In addition, this dance style as of today is performed all over the world.

History/Origin of Bachata:

Historical facts suggest that this dance style was first developed by Luis Segura who is commonly referred to as the “Father of Bachata”. However, it was Jose Manuel Calderon who is officially said to have recorded the first official song for this dance form on 30th May 1962.

Costumes used in the Bachata:

Since this dance style involves both male and female the costumes used will vary accordingly and they are as follows:

For Females:

The attire worn includes a short multi-layered ruffle that at times also exposes the midriff of the performer to add to the sensuality that this dance style possesses.

 For Males:

The attire worn includes colourful deep V-neck shirts and pants to go along with it.

Music involved in the Bachata:

The musical instruments mainly used in this style of dancing includes Requinto i.e. lead guitar, Segunda i.e. rhythm guitar, guitar, electric guitar, bongos, and güira i.e. a percussion instrument. In addition, the music produced for this dance style basically involves the use of lead guitar instrumentation which includes a few repeated broken chords.

 Training availability and the technique involved in the Bachata:

The basic technique of this dance form involves the use of three steps followed by a “tap step”. In addition, this dance may also include the use of several forms of step syncopation such as the “double step”. Furthermore, a few Bachata performers in the west have also introduced movement in the “hip” along with the tap step. As for those interested in learning this dance, there are many schools/centres available around the world that provide for basic training in this “energetic” form of dancing.

Dance Steps Involved in Bachata.

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