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To find the Dance Studios in Los Angeles, California has become an exasperating task for our folks there. Since major dance personalities have moved to Los Angeles over the last few years. And the dance cultures has been evolving continuously in recent years. Various dance studios have been founded there. Some of the studios produce one of the best dance talents in Los Angeles“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance” – David Berry, but that is not entirely true these days. Everyone gets fascinated if you have exceptional skills in dance. Whether it is hip hop, salsa, Tango, Ballet or any other, you can just “wow” everyone with your Dance skills. So for that, you need proper guidance and a perfect master to teach you how to have that “wow” moment.

Today Dance industry has become one of the significant industry worldwide. According to Industry Market Research Report, the Dance Studios industry has grown by 3.1% to reach revenue of $4bn in 2019. So choosing a Dance studio for effective learning can be very irritating. So our team of AskGalore did some research and narrowed down some of the best dance studios in L.A, California. So our folks from California can have a hassle-free process in choosing a Dance studio.

1.The Lab Creative Arts Studio

Review: The Lab holds many styles of dance for example, tap, jazz, hip hop, etc. The lab is definitely my dance studio. – Giuliana R.

2. Debbie Reynolds Studio

Review: My girlfriend Tomo travels from Tokyo, Japan every year to take classes for 2 months! She really enjoys going there! Just to see her big smile on her face from the experiences there is worth a million dollars. And to top it off with the caliber of dance industry professionals is amazing!!!!  If you want to know, see and dance with the top…..go there!! – Michael Norwood

3. Edge Performing Arts Center

Review: Nothing like the Edge for dance class in California   Dance for Actors taught by Cindera Che was the coolest class I have ever taken – Cynthia Rothberg

4. LA Dancefit Studio

Review: I love the energy of the class really grateful!! My fav class is the old school hip hop amazing 😉 – Estefania Carde

5. Moore Dancing

Review: My sister, mom, and I love coming to Moore dancing! Plyojam is our favorite class to take! All the instructors are incredible, but last weekend we took an amazing class from Michael. He gave such an inspiring pep talk to us and is such a vibrant beautiful human. We all love coming to Moore dancing for the teachers and the nonjudgmental supportive community. Plus it’s super fun! I’d definitely recommend trying out a class – Svea Lyon

6. 3rd Street Dance

Review: We took ten private lessons with Tamas and he was amazing!  He choreographed our wedding dance and really made us look like we could dance by about lesson number 7, The last few lessons became enjoyable because we knew the moves so well. And, best of all, our wedding dance went spectacularly well on our big day.  I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to our patient and skilled teacher! – Melissa K. Dagodag

7. Allure Dance and Fitness Studio

Review: What a fun time I had tonight! Learning new sexy dance moves…I really enjoyed this class the instructor was not only nice but really knew what she was doing. The great thing about this class is if you were unable to figure out a dance move she would work with you until you got it! I will definitely take another class.

8. By Your Side Dance Studio

Review: Outstanding dance studio with multiple group classes ranging from ballroom to salsa to hustle to Argentine tango. All the instructors are very good and very friendly. The studio is very popular for wedding dance lessons. The owners maintain a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere. – Eugene O

9. Live Arts Los Angeles:


10. iDanceAcademy

Review: Chi is a genuine and engaged dance guru that made us feel at ease in learning all aspects of dancing and the joy of dancing. He made the experience very casual and comfortable and we appreciated his patience in teaching us basic and new techniques, and made dancing very enjoyable! Highly recommended 🙂 – David Van

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