BORBORBOR- GHANA: An African Tribal Dance

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Borborbor is an African tribal dance of the “Ewedome” community in Ghana, Africa. This “tribal” dance is said to have originated from the mid Volta region in Ghana. This dance is generally performed during “festive” occasions. In addition, this dance style essentially consists of music that involves the use of “drums”. Furthermore, the music used for this dance is also accompanied by “singing”. In addition, this form of dance is mainly performed in a group from dawn right until dusk.

a. History/origin of the Borborbor:

It is believed that the root of this dance form has been embedded within the culture of a village called Wusuta located around the Volta Lake in Ghana during the late 1940’s. It was however an ex-police officer belonging to a village called Kpando called Francis Nuatro who first developed a musical genre called “Borborbor”. He apparently fused styles of music such as the Konkoma to produce this (Borborbor) genre of music. Furthermore, it was then to the rhythms of this music that this dance form was eventually produced, and was quite aptly named “Borborbor”.

b. Costumes used in the Borborbor:

This dance form is performed mainly by females and the costume worn includes a colourful long dress and two white handkerchiefs.

c. Music involved in the Borborbor:

“Traditional instruments” belonging to the Ewe community is basically used in this dance style. They include a pair of castanets, container rattles, a small drum called “vuvi”, a supporting drum called “asivu”, and a master drum called “vuga”.

d. Training availability and dance technique involved in the Borborbor:

In terms of the technique, this dance involves the performers forming a circle, and swaying to the rhythmic beats of the music produced by the drums played by the musicians. In addition, while dancing the performers are supposed to twirl two handkerchiefs in the air. As for training centres/schools there are none available around the globe since this is essentially an “African tribal dance” that is performed exclusively by a tribe in Ghana known as “Ewedome”.

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