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Buchaechum is a dance form originating from Korea performed mainly using a “fan”. This “fan dance” is said to have originated from Korea. Generally, this dance is performed in a group mainly by women. Furthermore, in this dance the performers mainly wear a traditional Korean costume known as “Hanbok”. In addition, traditional Korean music is basically used in this form of dancing.

History/origin of the Buchaechum:

According the cultural history of Korea, Buchaechum was created having been heavily influenced by a Korean shamanic dance. In addition, it was also influenced by several other styles of dance that were performed in the royal court of the Joseon dynasty i.e. a Korean kingdom established by Yi Seonggye.

Costume used in the Buchaechum:

The costume used mainly in this dance is the traditional “Korean” dress known as “Hanbok”. In addition, a prop in the form of a fan is also included in the costume.


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Music involved in the Buchaechum:

“Traditional Korean music” is basically used in this dance style. So the musical instrument include string instruments such as gayageum, geomungo etc, wind instruments such as daegeum, piri, hojok etc, and percussion instruments such as jing, buk, janggu etc.

Training availability and the technique involved in the Buchaechum:

In terms of technique, this dance involves the performers displaying the traditional “Korean” fan displaying beautiful images such as birds, flowers etc. As for training availability, there are none available around the world since this “fan” dance is mainly performed by “Koreans”.

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