Discover the Best Dance Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina


If you really looking for a place to weigh your anchor down and shake a leg at dance studio Charlotte, then you can certainly weigh your anchor down in Charlotte, North Carolina, also known as  “The Queen City”, “Crown Town” or “Buzz City”. But if you wish to hang out in the city for a […]

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Bring Out the Dancing Diva in You At The Best Dance Studios in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the second largest city after Chicago in the Midwest and the largest city on the US- Canada metropolitan border and also home to some thriving dance studios. Not only is Detroit famous for its bustling motor industry, dance studios, but its history has more firsts and great innovations that remain unknown. The city […]

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Check Out the Best Dance Studios in Denver, Colorado

Children from Denver Indian Center perform traditional dances

If you ever go trippin in the US you might get easily get swayed and swooned by the glare and glamor of New York and Los Angeles. You can also keep glued to the best dance studios in the Denver city. Welcome to the Mile High city which keeps you on a high with its […]

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Best Dance Studios in Philadelphia for Dance Enthusiasts

Philadelphia dance

Dance is a passion most of us want to pursue. Foot tapping beats and some music is all we need to show our favorite moves. Dance is a beautiful medium which can transcend borders and touch hearts of millions. Dance is also a profession and way of life for many. There are different types of […]

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Top 10 Dance Studios in New York

Ballroom dance Newyork

Dance studios in New York is the centre of performing arts. Dance, inclusive of all it forms, has always been an integral part of the city’s social culture. Hence, to no surprise, NYC is a home to plethora of dance studios to facilitate dancers from diverse backgrounds. So, if you are also one of the dance enthusiasts and have been wondering which one to choose from […]

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Top 10 dance studios in Los Angeles, California

zumba class los angeles

Top dance studios in Los Angeles are the studios which specify that dance is the mainstay of Los Angeles’ upbeat social culture. So if you want to stay abreast with the social trend and hone your dancing skills or just want to footloose with your gang of friends. Here is a list of top 10 dance […]

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Top 10 Dance Studios in Chicago

Whether you want to develop dance as a new hobby and improve your social life or wish to get the best wedding dance choreographed for yourself, or else you aim to step up your skills to compete in the professional dancing arena, Chicago has dance studios to meet all your diverse needs. But this leaves […]

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Top 5 American Origin dance forms

American Dance Forms

I am sure most of you will agree with me if I say Dance is the most aesthetic medium of communication. It’s a performing art that comprise of sequences of eloquent human movements conveying different expressions. Historically developed as a leisurely grooving with music, Dance now has assumed a structured art form that can be […]

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Things You Need To Know About Rhumba

rumba dancing couple

‘Ballroom rumba’ is now a popular American dance style also referred to as ‘Rhumba‘. Originating from the east coast of the United States of America, this form of dancing is performed to music that comprises mainly of ‘Afro-Cuban’ rhythms. Now, a question that may arise in your mind is, what exactly does this unique dance […]

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7 most popular forms of Salsa dance

Salsa dance is a ‘rage’ in any social setting .It first originated in the Caribbean region. Now, Salsa ‘Latin American dance’ form comprises of several styles depending on the country origin. Check out 7 most popular styles of this form of dancing mainly originating from the American continent. 1. Colombian Salsa- Colombia: ‘Colombian Salsa’ has […]

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