GALALA DANCE, NIGERIA: The Ghetto dance of Ajegunale, Lagos

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Galala is a dance form very popular in the the ghetto areas in Nigeria. This Galala dance style is said to have been popularised in the 90’s by Daddy Showkey, popular for his pseudo-reggae music. Daddy Showkey is from Ajegunle ghetto in Lagos, Nigeria where this dance originated and he music is also called Ghetto dance or just Ghetto.

a. History/origin of the Galala:

This dance was first created within the Nigerian “Ghetto” community residing mainly in a district called Ajegunale. This style of dancing was then popularised by a singer born in the Ghetto community known as “Daddy Showkey” (born John Asiemo). He was extremely popular in the district of Ajegunale during the 1990’s.

b. Costumes used in the Galala:

There are no particular costumes that are worn in this dance since it is extremely casual in its style, and is not a tribal dance either.

c. Music involved in the Galala:

“Reggae” style of music is basically involved in this dance form. Therefore the musical instruments used include percussion, bass, drums, guitar, synthesizers, organ, piano, brass instrument, and a melodica.

d. Training availability and dance technique involved in the Galala:

In terms of technique, this dance involves backward movements of the legs and forward movements of the hands. As for training centres and schools, there are none available around the world since the dance form is mainly popular among the “Ghetto” community residing in the Ajegunale area in Lagos, Nigeria. The best possible source to learn how to dance Galala would be the YouTube videos of Galala dance performed by Daddy Showkey and other Galala dancers.

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