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Considered to be “Community and female oriented” is a traditional dance from originating from north of India called Ghoomar. This “folk dance” is supposed to have been developed in the state of Rajasthan. Apparently this dance form is said to be closely associated with the Rajput community. In addition, this dance form is said to be performed mainly by woman. Furthermore, this traditional dance is normally performed during “marriages” by the bride.  The costume used during this performance is extremely colourful and includes a “Ghagra” i.e. a typical Rajasthani long skirt.

a. History/origin of the Ghoomar:

Historically speaking, this dance form was first developed by a community called “Bhil” in Rajasthan. It is said that over the years this dance form has slowly become a part of the Rajasthani royalty as ladies began frequently performing this dance form on auspicious occasions such as marriages.

b. Costume used in the Ghoomar performance:

The costume generally used by the performer (female) in Ghoomar includes a long Rajasthani skirt called Ghagra along with a choli which has been embroidered using beautiful mirror work. In addition, the costume also includes beautiful jewellery as well as bangles worn on the wrist.

c. Music used while performing Ghoomar:

The music used during a Ghoomar performance basically includes popular Rajasthani folk songs that have high tempo. Such is the tempo of the music used in this dance form that at times a performance may even last a full night.

d. Training availability and dance technique involved in Ghoomar:

In terms of technique this dance form essentially involves a group of dancers moving in a circular direction in complete synchronisation with the Rajasthani folk song being played. In addition, the performers while dancing also tend to (in between) join their hands and clap. Furthermore, a folk song titled “Mhari Ghoomar Chhe Nakhrali” is very commonly used during Ghoomar performances. As for training schools, there are a number of them across the country that provide for coaching for those interested in learning this energetic dance form.

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