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Indlamu is a very high spirited and energetic tribal war dance form belonging to a tribal ‘Zulu’ community in Africa. Also known as “war dance” it is said to have its origins in South Africa, and is often performed in festivals and marriage ceremonies. This dance also includes ‘drum based‘ music. Furthermore, in this dance the performers (both males and females) generally wear traditional “Zulu” costumes.

Indlamu - a tribal Zulu dance from South Africa

History and origin of Indlamu:

It is said that traditionally this dance has been a major part of the Zulu culture. As a result there are several dance styles that this tribal community performs, and that includes Indlamu. This dance is mainly performed to the beats of the drum, and was once considered to be a form of war dance. In addition, this dance is usually performed during auspicious events such as marriages mainly by men.

Costumes worn in the Indlamu:

The costume worn by the performers (mainly male but not necessarily) is a very unique outfit which makes the Zulu people look strikingly impressive. The Indlamu dance costume includes animal skin, also called “Amabeshu”, headrings, ceremonial belts, ankle rattles, and weapons such as shield, spears, and knobkerries.


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Music involved in the Indlamu:

“Percussion based” is the best way to describe the music used in this dance style. So the musical instruments essentially used are different types of drums and whistles.

Training availability and the technique involved in the Indlamu:

Indlamu Dance, South Africa

In terms of technique, this dance involves a performer (male) lifting up one foot over his head, and then landing that leg firmly on the ground and at times falling backwards. The dance is usually performed in groups and at times a group member comes centre stage to perform his or her dance routine. As for training centres and schools, there are none available around the world since this “war dance” is mainly performed exclusively among the “Zulu” community in South Africa.

Indlamu dance video:

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