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Usually performed at about 140 beats per minute is a Scandinavian dance form known as Jenkka. This “folk” dance is said to have originated from Finland, and essentially involves a male as well as a female. Furthermore, this dance is said to be similar to “Schottische”, a form of country dancing originating from Czech Republic. In addition, a Finnish musician is supposed to have frequently composed music for this dance form.

a. History/origin of Jenkka:

There is not much information available related to this folk dance originating from Finland.

b. Costumes used in the Jenkka:

The costumes used in this “Finnish” dance especially by the women include skirts and trousers.

c. Music involved in the Jenkka:

The musical instrument mainly used in this dance form includes violin and the accordion.

d. Training availability and the technique involved in the Jenkka:

In terms of the technique, this dance involves the male and female performer holding each other around the waist. Furthermore, this dance similar to the Polka comprises of a “left-right-left-hop movement. In addition, this dance form also consists of a number of pivot turns. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “folk” dance is mainly performed in Finland.

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