Jive Dance

Things You Need to Know About Jive

‘A lively version of Jitterbug’ is the best way to describe an international dance form known as Jive. It was first developed in the United States of America during...

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Binasuan dance

Do You Know What Binasuan Is?

Binasuan is a dance form and is a significant art in the Philippines culture. Now, the question that might pop up in your mind is, what does Binasuan really entail?...

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Pandit Birju Maharaj

5 Renowned Indian Classical Dancers

India is a country known for  9 wonderfully varied classical dances. So, it is obvious that there exists a number of great exponents of this majestic art form within...

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Lord Brahma

Natyashastra, A Few Vital Facts

‘The Science of Performing Arts’ is the literal translation of the ancient Hindu drama treatise titled ‘Natyashastra’. Written by a sage named Bharat Muni, this book is a comprehensive...

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