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Popularly known as “Grinding” is a dance style known as Sandungueo. This “reggaeton” inspired dance is said to have originated in Puerto Rico, and was first developed by a DJ (Disc Jockey) called Blass. This style of dancing basically involves “one partner facing the backside of the other”. In addition, this dance also heavily involves the use of “pelvic thrusting”. Furthermore, apart from Puerto Rico this dance style is also extremely popular in the Caribbean islands and, is performed mainly in night clubs and private parties.

a. History/origin of the Sandungueo:

According to a research conducted by an ethnomusicologist Vincenzo Perna and an author called Jan Fairley this dance style which is essentially based on women taking control was created due to the growth in the economy in countries like Puerto Rico and Cuba in the 1990’s.  Additionally, it was also the popularity of the “Afro-Cuban Timba” style of music and dance during this period that led to the development of Sandungueo in Puerto Rico and countries surrounding it.

b. Costumes used in the Sandungueo:

This dance style is mainly performed in nightclubs so the costume mainly worn by both male and female would include shirts/T-shirts and jeans/trousers.

c. Music involved in the Sandungueo:

“Reggaeton music” is basically used in this dance style. The musical instruments essentially used in “Reggaeton” include an electric keyboard, guitar, and a drum machine. In addition, singing (especially songs such as Dembrow) and rapping also form a part of the music used in this “erotic” dance style.

d. Training availability and dance technique used in the Sandungueo:

In terms of the technique, this dance involves a male performer standing behind the female. The female performer then thrusts her rear end into the pelvis region of the male so as to generate sexual stimulation i.e. an “erotic” feeling.  Furthermore, although this dance did shock many people initially due to the “erotic” moves it was gradually accepted, and was used commonly not only in nightclubs and parties, but also in several music videos. As for training centres/schools, there are none available around the world, since this “erotic” dance style is mainly performed in countries such a Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands, and has not gained popularity.

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