‘Bollywood Dance’ – A Baffling Dance Fusion..

Bollywood, also known as the ‘Hindi Film Industry’ is based in Mumbai, India and rules over the hearts of the 1.3Bn strong nation. Over the years, with globalisation, the Indian diaspora has moved to various corners of the world. Bollywood movies, songs and dance have gained popularity beyond Indian borders. Now, the question here is, […]

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Why Is Bharatanatyam Not Just An Indian Dance Form?


The rich and diverse culture of India comprises of variety of art forms such as singing, acting etc. One of the most popularly known form of artistic expression available in the country is dancing. Now, “Bharatanatyam” originating from the state of Tamil Nadu, is one of the most popular traditional “Indian Dance Form” in the […]

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Bharatnatyam, India

It is in the renowned Sanskrit text called “Natya Shastra” that the fundamentals of an Indian dance form known as “Bharatanatyam” were first prescribed. This style (supposed to be performed exclusively only by women) first originated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu from Hindu temples. Apparently, this dance style is said to be a […]


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