Sagayan: What Makes This Filipino Dance Special?

Sagayan Dance, Philippines

Sagayan is a unique ‘war dance’ in the Philippines. It is mainly performed by the Maguindanao and the Maranao tribal community. And so, the question that arises is, what exactly makes this dance style so unique, that it is worth writing about? Here is then presenting a few facts about this dance which will explain to you […]

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SINGKIL- PHILIPPINES: Dance of a Princess inspired from an epic folklore

Singkil Dance, Philippines

Singkil is a very unique Philippines traditional dance of the Maranao people in Southern Philippines. It is said to be inspired by the age-old Hindu epic “Ramayana” and another mythological epic from South East Asia called “Darangen“. This “folk” dance is said to have originated from the Lake Lanao region in the island of Mindanao […]

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SAGAYAN- PHILIPPINES: War Dance from Philippines

Sagayan Dance, Philippines

Sagayan is an “Extremely dramatic” dance form belonging to Southeast Asia. This “war” dance is said to have originated in Philippines, and is mainly performed by the Maguindanao and Maranao community. Apparently, this dance is performed to honour the Maguindanao and the Maranao communities, who were supposed to have been warriors. Furthermore, this dance comprises […]

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