Things You Need to Know About Jive

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Jive Dance

A Jive performance

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‘Jive an international dance form can be describe as a lively version of Jitterbug’ .

It was first developed in the United States of America during the early 1930’s.

Now, the question worth asking is, what exactly is Jive?

Here is then providing you the answer to the above question via this feature article that covers all the things you need to know facts.


A Jive performance

 What is Jive Dance? 

‘Jive is considered to be One of Five Latin dances’. It basically is a dance style which is rhythmic, and is performed at a speed of 176 beats per minutes. At times however it may also be danced at a slightly reduced rate of 128 to 160 beats. Furthermore, this dance style is referred to as ‘Swing’ in America.




 Where did Jive originate?

It was during the 1930′ (post the Great Depression) that this dance was first created in the United States of America by the ‘Afro-American’ community. However, it was in the year 1934, that a Jazz singer named Cab Calloway popularized this style of dancing throughout the country.

How to Dance Jive: 

‘Jitterbug, a form of Swing‘ is the basic dance style that has inspired the creation of this rhythmic dance. And so, here is explaining the basic steps involved for the Male.

  1. Step backward using the left foot.
  2. Lift the right foot and place it on the floor.
  3. Step to the side with the left foot.
  4. Merge the right foot with the left.
  5. Step to the side with your left foot.
  6. Transfer weight back to the right foot.
  7. Step to the right with the left foot.
  8. Step to the right with the right foot.

The basic steps involved for the Female are as follows:

  1.    Step backward with the right foot.
  2.    Transfer weight back to the left foot.
  3.    Step to the side with the right foot.
  4.     Move left foot with the right foot.
  5.     Step to the side with right foot.
  6.     Transfer weight back to the left foot.
  7.    Step to the left with the right foot.
  8.    Step to the left with left foot.

Costumes used for Jive dance:

The costumes worn by men during Jive include an overcoat, a shirt, a trouser, and a  pair of dancing shoes. While for the female performer they include a colourful short  dress and a pair of high heel shoes.

 Jive dance Youtube Video: 

After having read information about Jive above, if you want to watch a performance, then here is presenting to you a Youtube Video:

Performed in many parts of the world today, Jive is a dance form filled with lots of ‘oomph’ and requires the performer to possess ‘high energy’.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons and Wikimedia Commons

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