Top 10 Dance Studios in St. Antonio, Texas

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dance studio St. antonio

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Before looking at Top Dance Studios of San Antonio do you know why is dance upcoming as a much-revered art form?

There has been an interesting rise in people in the United States of America looking out for a suitable dance school or studio to acquire this art of skillful movements and gestures.

The various reality shows and competitions hosted by different channels across the mass media, like So You Think You Can DanceAmerica’s Best Dance Crew, and Dancing with the Stars, have further broadened the audience for dance in America and across the world.

While dance has become a popular leisure-time activity in the U.S., it has also been adopted as a fun and exciting twist to health management.

So, whether you are a professional dancer, looking for a perfect dance studio to hone your skills, or a newbie eager to learn this art form or even a fitness buff who wish to include dance to your fitness regime or else you just want to unwind yourself over the weekends, while tapping foot on some grooving dance numbers; and you are looking for a perfect environment to set the right mood.

Whatever your goal may be, be rest assured that you will not have to go too far, because St Antonio is a home to a number of accredited dance studios to serve your diverse dance needs.

With the goal to expand and evolve this rich and dynamic art form, there are several Dance Studios here, which impart quality dance lessons to the aspirants.  

Here are 10 top most dance studios of St. Antonio , that have been broadly reviewed on the basis of their professional instructors, dance forms and  techniques and also the facility they own.

1. Smash Dance & Fitness

Photo of SMASH Dance & Fitness - San Antonio, TX, United States

A non-intimidating friendly environment with top class instructor makes Smash Dance & Fitness the top ranked dance studio in San Antonio, Texas.  If you wish to hone your dancing skills, or include dance as in your fitness regime, then this studio has everything you can ask for. They provide daily diverse styles of adult dance fitness classes for all levels, offering ZUMBA, Kickboxing, MIXXEDFIT, Hip Hop Cardio & Vegas Stiletto Fitness and more.

And for kids ages 3-17, they have a fun Non-Competitive weekly dance classes. “Street Hip Hop” being their speciality, they also offer other diverse kids classes in Break Dance, K-Pop, Tiny Ballerinas, & Traditional Hula.

The dance academy also choreographs quinceaneras & wedding first dance.

2. Dorothy Keck Dancers

Dorothy Keck Dancers, Logo

The Dorothy Keck Studio, started in 1960 offers specialised dance instructions for all ages from toddlers (18 months) to adults.  It offers classes for both the recreational dancer and pre-professional dancer. What makes the Dorthy Dance Studio stand out is the way they have structured their classes in combination style and specialized type settings for various levels. ‘Bouncing Babies’, offered by Dorthy Dance Studio, is one of its kind specialised class designed for parents who wants to exercise with their little ones of 6 months to 1 year. ‘Mommy and Me’ is another specialised variant combining parents (adults) with 18 months to 2.5 years old toddlers. Likewise, the Studio offers a wide range of dance classes customized for different age groups, creating a fun and sociable environment for the learners while imparting the best in class dance and fitness training.

3. Kathy Marfin’s Dance School

Image result for Kathy Marfin’s Dance School

Kathy Marfin’s Dance School has garnered best reviews for its quality dance techniques and reasonable fee. Dance School is dedicated to provide a safe professional and fun environment for children to learn and love the art of Dance. The school first established in 1979, has evolved itself to offer a wide array of classes including Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tumbling and Social Dance for ages 2- to Adults. KMDS impart dance training through beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes, designed for recreational dancer, as well as the pre-professional dancer.  The school creates a strong foundation for future dance professionals, helping the students develop coordination, grace and confidence. KMDS has also emerged as a great platform to meet your fitness needs.

4. Cynergy Dance Artistry

Image result for Cynergy Dance Artistry

Cynergy Dance Company is known to provide a versatile and explicit dance program for students of ages 3 and above. They have flexible offerings designed to suit the students at different dance levels. Such customized offering at Cynergy help the students reach their individual goals, with self-confidence and provide them with an enjoyable and energetic dance experience. Additionally, the talented and experienced coaches ensure an amiable environment at the dance studio. Cynergy Dance Artistry has 3 private, spacious and beautifully decorated dance studio rooms, lobby seating area and viewing windows for families and visitors. The dance studio also offers additional dance instruction and choreography for private individual and group lessons for special events such as quinceanera, weddings etc. Also there are party packages are available for children’s dance birthday parties.

rhumba by couple

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5. San Antonio Dance Academy

Image result for San Antonio Dance Academy

Established in 1990, San Antonio Dance Academy has been known for its highly professional dance tutorials for children and adults in a variety of dance disciplines including Ballet/Pointe, Jazz/ hip-hop, Tap, Flamengo, Mexican, Modern, Lyrical & Contemporary as well as Ball room dancing. SADA has a full-fledged and a very friendly environment, with highly proficient instructors to impart the dance lessons. The academy also provides performance opportunities for all registered students across events that may include SADA’s Annual Recital, performances at the Arneson River Theatre, half time shows at the San Antonio Spurs and Rampage games, and city-wide cultural events such as Fiesta. The academy conducts its classes in 3 beautiful studios equipped with dancer-friendly sprung floors, high ceilings, mirrored walls and a spacious lobby.


6. Dance Center of San Fransisco

The Dance Center of San Antonio - Offering High-quality Dance Training to the San Antonio Community

Dance Center of San Antonio, leads with its high quality pre-professional ballet classes and unequalled performance opportunities at national and international dance events such as Youth American Grand Pix, WorldBallet competiton,Vaganova pix etc.The Academy offers a wide range of classes and disciplines to accomodate students from all levels and age groups and alos from different backgrounds. They have a special Adult Dance Program also provide the same high-quality teaching for Adult students. The studio offers world wide exposure to its students and serves as a platform to develop strong connections with recognized dance personalities in both the national and international stage. With an aim to provide its students best in class environment for training , DCSA has come up with  a brand new facility that features studios equal in size to professional theatres and has the same flooring as used at the Royal Opera House, Metropolitan Opera House and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts!

7. Trilogy Dance Center

Trilogy Dance Center Logo

Established in 2009, Trilogy Dance Center offers very well structured dance lessons that include ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. The institution trains students from age group 18 months to adults. The dance center follows a comprehensive curriculum and disciplined program led by very talented and professional instructors who educate and inspire creativity and commitment among its students. The school also offers master class from the country’s best guest artists. This gives the a good deal of relevant exposure and help to polish skills at performing arts for existing students as well as aspirants across the city.

8. Heather Stolle’s School of Dance 

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Heather Stolle School of dance has a wonderful facility that makes for a fun and nurturing environment for dance cassses. The highly trained and professional instructors at the dance school inculcate a passion for the art form and impart lessons with due focus on techniques and discipline. The dance school offer classes in Pre-School Combination, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Drill Team, Dance Team, Modern, Cheer, Musical Theatre and Lyrical.

They also organize multiple dance camps throughout the summer for 4-6-year-old dancers where they teach tap, ballet, pre-jazz, creative movement, arts & crafts, and storybook theater.


9. The performing art school of classical ballet

Performing Arts School of Classical Ballet Logo

Founded in 1990, the performing art school of classical ballet has been a renowned classical ballet training institution for the last 38 years. The School has been providing classical ballet lessons to students of all ages. Starting from Pre-Ballet & Primary and continuing to level 5, the school provides a well structural training in this classical Latin dance form. Ballet IV & V level students also have the opportunity to attend Ballet Repertory. In addition to their annual concert, the school strives to provide additional performance for its students across different platforms.


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10. Semeneya Dance Studio


Semeneya is one of the premiere dance and wellness studios in St Antonio. The studio has 15 years of rich experience in providing Dance Instruction, Wellness Programs as well as Entertainment. It offers a wide range of classes from internationally renowned and award-winning instructors. Equipped with 25,000 sq ft of dance space, the studio has the perfect facility to meet your dance and wellness needs. They offer Afro-Latin, African, Ballroom and Latin dance classes as well as wellness classes like Zumba, Stretching and Conditioning for dancers from all age groups. The dance faculty are award-winning and internationally famed for their talent on and off the stage.

So here end some of the top dance studios in San Antonio.

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