Top 10 San Diego Dance Studios, California

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You are at the right place to look for top dance studios in San Diego. United States of America is associated with the evolution of multiple dance forms including the hip hop dance, tap dance and its derivative Rock and Roll, and modern square dance. 

Dance has been an integral part of social and religious culture of the USA. But today it has acquired a more structural and professional art form.

With increasing number of aspirants, the dance arena has been witnessing an ever growing competition all over. 

So, if you an amateur or pre-professional dancer and wish to step up your dancing skills and get opportunities to perform at concerts and reality shows in the USA or across the world, then you ought to have a formal dance training, and to your delight, San Diego houses many such dance studios that conduct professional dance classes for different age groups and different levels.

Here are top 10 Dance Studios nestled in San Diego to up skill your art and get you closer to your aspiration.

Culture Shock Dance Center

Culture Shock Dance Center has been referred as the “epicenter of hip hop dance in San Diego” by The San Diego Union Tribune.

The institute leads as the premier urban dance training facility in the city for it has state of the art dance floors and ace dance instructors who are also working professionals, dancing, choreographing and directing in the entertainment industry.

Over and above, it runs unparalleled for its diverse programming and professional level of classes which are designed to give dancers of all levels the best training and most useful tools to strike their utmost potential in fitness and dance. It has classes ranging from youth classes, beginning adult classes to professional level master classes. They teach all levels of Hip Hop, Breakdance and Cardio Hip Hop. Other classes include Contemporary, Belly Dance, Burlesque, BRO-lesque, HEELS, Open Floor, House, and Tribal Fusion. Additionally, they have youth program that offers 8 or 9 week sessions in Hip Hop, Break-Dance, and Popping.

Culture Shock Dance Center has its own non-profit professional hip hop dance company – Culture Shock Dance Troupe, plus youth outreach dance teams namely Afta Shock San Diego, Future Shock San Diego, Mighty Shock San Diego, and Mini Shock San Diego.

Alma Latina Dance Company

Alma Latina Dance Company is from the world’s renowned companies which are known for their expertise in technique and training.

The company founded in 2005, has expanded profoundly as a result of constant interest from different aspirants including professionals, semi-professionals and amateur dancers from all over the world, seeking training opportunities at this coveted dance institute. The company already has numerous championships and world titles to its credit and has been progressing towards its goal to become the best dance company in the United States and Mexico, and to be unrivalled internationally.

With its prime focus on quality lesson for the aspirants, the company conducts extensive training program for its instructors, where they are  trained in multiple genres of dance such as Salsa, Ballet, Bachata, Pachanga, Boogaloo, Cumbia, and more, thus making them equipped to deliver the best dancing lessons to the students and also help them broaden their dance knowledge. Such a thorough training allows the learners to grow and have their own personal style.

The company offers services that include group classes, special events, custom choreography, competition coaching, private lessons and wellness programmes.


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  San Diego Danceworks

San Diego Dance Works is a home of highly professional and trained dance instructors. Since its commencement in 1990.

The company has been imparting dance lessons in different genres of dance including Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and more.

Classes are conducted for students from age 2 to adults and the institute has a special dance class – ‘Introduction to Dance’designed to train beginners to the basics of various dance forms and techniques.

It also offers classes in Gymnastics and Acrobatics and has two well devised studios having sprung floors for dancers’ safety.

Malashock Dance

The Malashock Dance School offers an array of dance classes from beginners to advanced and professional levels. Founded in 2007, now a fully fledged dance company.

Malashock, has been providing a comprehensive educational experience for dancers of all ages and abilities. The classes are classified as Adult Classes (ages 17+), Advanced track classes for ages 7-16 and Recreation track for ages 2-16.

The adult classes offer most comprehensive traditional modern technique, designed to develop the physical and artistic skill set of dancers. Here the instructors are working professional dancers and hold certifications and experience in codified modern techniques like Graham and Horton. Advanced track is a pre-professional training program designed for students who are looking for a well- structured and comprehensive dance training.

It is led by expert instructors who give individual attention and work to develop technical proficiency and artistic expression through regular weekly classes. The Recreation track is for those who would like to explore different genres of dance in a fun setting and a positive dance environment with professionally trained instructors. It includes dance lessons on modern, ballet, jazz, and musical theater.

The Malashock Dance School also conducts Camps, workshops, Master Classes, and summer intensive programs engaging with students from around the world. 

Studio FX Dance & Performing Arts

Image result for Studio FX Dance & Performing Arts
Image result for Studio FX Dance & Performing Arts

 Studio FX DANCE & Performing Arts, offer all levels of group classes and private lessons, tailored to your specific goals.

The experiences and professional dance instructors at the studio are skilled to cater to the training needs of recreational as well as professional dancers.

The FX Dance studio is known to offer best and affordable hip-hop classes in San Diego.

However the studio conducts a wide genre of dance classes to choose from as per your specific needs and desires at a reasonably priced fees.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

arthur-murray dance studio

Arthur Murray dance class is the finest place to start for a newbie with the most positive environment and professional dance instructors. The institute offer 1 on 1 dance lessons with best in class mentors and their First session costs Only $20.

The institute provide highly customized dance classes as per your time and availability and is known to keep up to its claim– “Even if you have never danced in your life, you can be dancing within 5 minutes.”

They teach – Latin Dances, Ballroom Dances, County Western Dance, Swing/ Rythm Dance and Speciality Dance.

So if you are shy and diffident but still wish to learn this art form, then Arthur Murray has the best offering for you, to embark on a new learning.

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Melómano Latin Entertainment and Dance

Melómano Beginner Bachata Team

Melomano Latin Entertainment and Dance has two of San Diego’s top social dancers and performers, Patrick Hernandez and Diana Trigo on board as instructors, who deliver the best for you as dance trainers.

The institute offers classes to learn the basic fundamental steps and patterns which are the key to marvel the Latin dance style.

You can learn Bachata or Salsa in the most fun, friendly and non-intruding environment at the institute. This boosts your learning and very soon you become versed at dancing gracefully across the floor or on the big stage.  Moreover, none of the classes here require a partner, so you can just enrol yourself and get on learning the skill and techniques.

The institute also offers private dance lessons to speed up your learning curve, or for those special occasions like weddings, quinceañera, birthdays, etc.

Southern California Ballet

Southern California Ballet

If you wish to become a professional ballet dancer, then Southern California ballet academy is the place to learn and develop the skill of this classic dance form then come to this San Diego dance studios.

This ballet academy at San Diego has been an unrivalled dance institute with world renowned faculty, providing best classical dance classes. The academy has been training aspirants in the most authentic form of professional ballet for 33 years and is the only studio in the region to offer Cecchetti exams. Southern California Ballet conducts classes for students form age of 3 to adults.

The academy carries out systemic and professional dance lessons, disciplined and structured in a school fashion for high class dance training.

Dance with Liza

This boutique dance institute run by Liza, is well renowned for its Wedding Dance Choreography and Private Dance Lessons. Liza is a highly trained dance instructor.

Her fun, friendly and patient nature draws students from all age groups, who wish to have one to one dance lessons for any special occasion. Liza has been choreographing and teaching beautiful wedding dances, social dance, and line dance in San Diego for nineteen years.

And excels at helping even a naive students develop confidence on the dance floor. 

rhumba by couple

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Ooh La La Dance Academy


If you want to learn to dance with fun people in a non pressured environment, then Ooh La La Dance Academy is the place for you.

The academy has garnered positive reviews for its friendly instructors and is highly recommended as a great place for a very young dancer to begin her journey in a positive and pleasant environment.

They offer a wide variety of dance lessons, including ballet, salsa, jazz, burlesque, contemporary ,samba and belly dance.

The academy conducts classes for every age group.

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