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“One man dancing with two women” is the ideal way to describe a “Eurasian” folk dance form known as Trioka. This “partner” dance is said to have originated from Russia, and is considered to be historically significant. Furthermore, apart from being performed in group this dance is also known for the use of “horse like steps”. In addition, the rhythm to which this dance is usually performed may vary from fast to slow. A dance similar to the “Trioka” can also be seen in the Cajun as well as in the Slavic culture.

a. History/origin of the Trioka:

This folk dance of Russia was essentially created by imitating the “movements seen in a horse”. In addition, it also involves the use of three performers, and hence has been aptly named “Trioka” which in Russian means “three horses”.

b. Costumes used in the Trioka:

Since this dance involves both males and females, the costumes used vary accordingly. They are as follows:

1. For females:

The attire worn includes a Russian sarafan dress along with a beautifully embroidered blouse and a traditional Russian headgear called “Kokoshnik”.

2. For males:

The attire worn includes a “Kosovorotka” shirt with a belt, a narrow trouser, and a pair of boots possessing high heels.

c. Music involved in the Trioka:

The music used in this dance style basically alternates between a slow and a fast rhythm.

d. Training availability and technique involved in the Trioka:

In terms of technique, this dance basically involves the performer jumping from one foot to another, and thereby moving quickly from one spot to another. In addition, this basic step basically resembles the “movements seen in a horse”. As for training centres/schools, there are none available around the world since this “folk” dance is mainly performed in Russia.

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